Forest clippings #4 – Thriving forests = thriving communities, Invasive plants can boost carbon storage, camping and more

Thriving Forests Mean Thriving Communities, Invasive plants can boost blue carbon storage, “Camping in the Old Style” Re-created at the Cradle of Forestry, LIFE na Orlovi poti – otvoritev gozdne učne poti ob Reškem jezeru

Forest clippings #3 – Forestry updates from the EC, The Sopron Story, New WFC Executive Director and more

The third edition of forest clippings includes a relevant EU forest policy speech, an interesting lesson in forestry history, a new functionaire in place, scientific studies on plant communities and beech forest biodiversity and news from Slovenia.

Forest clippings and links #1

Topics: How did the bear abundance in Slovenia and Croatia change during the past 20 years, Forests as places of peace and joy in PEFC Slovenia’s photo contest, | Source: PEFC website Ten-Year Responses of Underplanted Northern Red Oak to Silvicultural Treatments, Herbivore Exclusion, and Fertilization, New Environmental justice MOOC