Sopron – Sunday and Monday

The tempo is very intense. I took many pictures, but I’ll only quickly upload a few of the better ones so that you get a basic flavor of what we do here.

On Sunday we had a field trip around lake Fertö/Neusiedlersee. It took the whole day and we learned a lot (you will be able to read about it in our final report :) ). Here are some photos:

A Hungarian sort of pig called Mangolika (really hairy and cute).

There are lots of stork nets on the Austrian side of the lake.

A look from the watchtower on lake Fertö from the eastern side. Take note of the reed belt.

Here is a small poem by Katarina, inspired by the last picture:

Clouds, sky, water, reed,

blue, green, white,

that’s my life.

– Katarina

Summer (hunting) residence of the Esterhazy family.

Today (monday) in the morning, we had a class about historical development of the region. After class students from each country did a presentation on their country. People say were good and funny and everybody wants to come to Slovenia now ;)

This is our team, preparing the presentation. I was the creative mastermind this evening, lying on the bed and drinking beer ;).

After that, we had lunch and then came the wine tasting session. In Hungary, wine tastings are a little bit different. You’re not supposed to spit the wine out. Of course in the end most of us were in a good mood :) .

In the afternoon we took a tour of Sopron. We got a little wet but it was no biggie. There were some funny moments…

… like this woman clearly exceeding the weight limit for this piece of machinery ;)

Our new friend Jeremy taking a picture. Can you guess his nationality? :)

Obligatory photo of the city streets. This one was voted the nicest.

Oh, little streets, where are you going?

Blue houses, brown doors, and green plants are growing!

– Katarina

We saved the best for last. Some Fagyi eis for your faggy eyes ;)

Don’t think twice, just have a Fagyi eis!

– Katarina

Thank you for your attention and thank you Katarina for your wonderful poetry. Dear readers, we will be very happy if you comment and let us know if you like our (probably bad) sense of humor.

See you around!

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