Activities of GBR Slovenia

One of our main goals of the GBR (Green Budget Reform) project was making and presenting some good propositions. This table is the sum of our work so far (actually, the sum of our work up to the conference).  The bulk of work that went into this table was done by Jonas Sonneschein, but he also had some help from myself and other volunteers. Income estimates are in millions of € and are rough evaluations (some more accurate than others). Decision makers love numbers and this table shows that income from the GBR could be very real and is not negligible at all.

Activities of GBR and their estimated effects on budget and the environment.

This table isn’t finished yet and will be updated in time. Some areas where improvements will be made (if possible):

  • Revenue from taxation for cargo vehicles isn’t included yet. The tax is supposed to be implemented this year and inclusion of this revenue would mean a much larger total number.
  • We have encountered problems getting information for some industrial sectors. We will try again, but probably these statistics don’t exist or are not available for interested public. If this is the case, transparency of said sectors should be increased.
  • I have been working on calculating an estimate of revenues in case of increment of concessions for lumber from state-owned forests (new forestry law is in the making right now and I believe this is a very important area of discussion for Slovenia and its underdeveloped forestry sector), but am also having some trouble. I hope that we can make a good estimate of that as well.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions or something to add, please use the comment section. If you’d like to read more about the GBR, here’s a post about the status quo in Slovenia.

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