Raktina photos

Today I went running to the Rakitna plateau. On this plateau there is a village with the same name. The nature in this area is striking, with lots of spruce and beech forests. There is also a small (artificial) lake in the village and an area with lots of interesting weekend houses. It’s known as one of the areas with the biggest density of brown bears in Slovenia. It gets a bit touristic in the summer and on sunny winter days (it’s very close to Ljubljana – 30 km away), but the capacities are not developed enough yet to talk about real tourism. They are making some progress though, last year a great (in my opinion) hotel was finished on the lakeside.

The weather was very windy, but the air was warm and I had good clothes so I didn’t get chilly at all. There were no tourists, but some weekend-house people were out walking their dogs and locals were doing stuff around their houses. I ran a bit longer then usual because the surroundings were looking kind of special, even though it wasn’t sunny. After I’ve finished my run, I also went around the lake a bit and took some photos. Here are the better ones:

The drive back home was also out of the ordinary. To see the wind sweeping the colorful leaves in all directions was special. It was a good time :)

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