TED: vulnerability, shame, body language

Yesterday I had some time off and decided to watch some TED talks, which I haven’t done in a while. I found some really interesting and potentially life-changing stuff, so I’ve decided to share these talks with you. They mostly fall into self-help category and are based on research, so there’s no reason not to believe them :)

The first talk is titled “The power of vulnerability” and it dates back to 2010. Social researcher Brene Brown from Texas talks about how the general idea that we mustn’t show vulnerability and shame makes us unhappy and that vulnerable people are actually happier. I think this is a very pressing topic, because keeping your fears inside you leads to depression and mental illness (which is clearly on a great rise in these times, as indicated by sales of antidepressants in the western society). She also talks about how you can’t quantify some things in science and about plenty of other interesting things.

(Tip: if your English is not so good, there are subtitles available in 40 languages. There is no Slovenian, but there is Serbian, for example.)

The second TED talk by Brene Brown was filmed this year (2012). She explains about the feedback she got after the first talk and how she dealt with it. This one also goes a bit further than the former – If you liked the first talk, you should check out this one as well.

The last talk is about body language and how it shapes who we are. Researcher Amy Cuddy talks about how the way we stand or sit changes your hormone levels and makes you not just appear, but also feel more powerful. I’ve noticed this before I’ve seen this video and I from my experience this is definitely true. In the ending of this talk you will also hear a powerful, uplifting personal story from Amy.

Thank you for taking the time for reading / watching this post. I hope you got something out of it! :)

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