IAESTE CEC Maribor 2012 Part 1

One of the things I like to do in my free time is being active in the IAESTE Ljubljana. IAESTE stands for The International Association for The Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. I’m a member of the Ljubljana Local committee and mostly provide help and support for students that come to Slovenia to do an internship or practice. While getting to know new people from other countries is a great thing by itself, being a member of this society has some other perks as well. One of these perks is CEC – the Central European Convention.

Maribor is the European capital of culture 2012.

During this year’s potato holidays (from 1st to 4th of November) a CEC happened in Maribor. I had volunteered to help the people from Local Committee Maribor with the organization. Most volunteers from Ljubljana came one day before the actual start of the convention, on Wednesday. When we arrived in Maribor, there wasn’t much for us to do, so we talked with guys from the local committee and bonded a little bit. For first-timers like me it was also an opportunity to get a feeling of what CEC is about. My main project of Tuesday’s evening was maneuvering suitcases because the student home was closed and we had to stay at several different locations. We slept in an apartment in the city center, just next to the river Drava. The view from our window was awesome.

The river Drava.

The suitcase logistics continued on Thursday morning. We moved the suitcases (and people :)) to the student home called Dijaški Dom Lizike Jančar. The rooms were modest but I had great roommates, so it wasn’t too bad. After getting set up, we started preparing the halls and rooms for the first guests. For the rest of the day we did preparations around the hotel and in the evening we played some team-building games with some of the guests.

Team building games.

The first thing I did on Friday morning was a short run in Maribor’s city center. It was really nice to escape the hostel for a little while. The weather was quite nice, so I also took some pictures. Friday was the optional day for participants, and a guest speaker came in to do a workshop. He was a kind of career coach / motivational speaker / confidence salesman. I didn’t like his workshop too much but the tests that we had to solve to participate were pretty great. You can also solve them online for free here. If you have 15 free minutes you should do it, because the results are usually very intriguing (you might learn something new about yourself) ;).


This is the end of part one. Expect the second part in the near future :).

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