IAESTE CEC Maribor 2012 Part 2

This is the second post about CEC Maribor. You can find the first post here.

KMŠ enterance.

Jure, the head organizer, gave us a special task for Friday night.He  asked us to prepare club KMŠ for a color-themed party. We made our way there at around nine o’ clock and started the preparations. We hung UV lights around the club and poured some really cool-looking blue welcome drinks into shot glasses. The club staff was very friendly and helpful and we were ready ahead of schedule.

After waiting a while the DJ started playing records and the people from the convention arrived shortly after. After drinking their complementary welcome shot, everybody received fluorescent bracelets and body paint. The party was really colorful and kind of wild (but nothing too extreme happened :)).  I think it would be okay to call it a success.

On Saturday after breakfast an orientation competition was organized in Maribor’s city center. Participants were divided info groups of 10 and given a map, which had shown 5 checkpoints around the city center. They had to visit each one do some kind of a mission there. On our checkpoint (by the wine cellar) they had to make s sculpture with their bodies and pose in front of a really large barrel. Some of them were really original – I think this is the best one:

In the afternoon both participants and volunteers entered workshops. I went to Marketing and Fundraising with a friend. Even though I already knew some stuff, the workshop was still quite interesting. The best part for me were the good practice examples from other countries. I hope we will be able to use some of them in our local committee.

Our last dinner was different from previous one – it was the international dinner. Students from participating countries prepared their traditional national dishes. The stands I liked the most were Norwegian (salmon in pancakes), Bosnian (sandwiches with goat cheese and thinly sliced ham) and Slovenian (Pohorski lonec). Honorable mention goes to the Czech, who brought some of their excellent beer (Kozel). Other countries had good stuff too, especially for people who are more into sweet and spicy stuff than me. The dinner was followed by a pretty wild party which (again) lasted for quite a long time.  On Sunday morning had to clear out their rooms at 10, so we had a bunch of waking up to do. Other than that there were some other minor issues to resolve, but nothing that we couldn’t manage. After our work was done, we packed our suitcases into the car and left for home.

I’d like to thank IAESTE LC Maribor for inviting us to CEC and commend them for good organization. I think we all had a good time and learned some new facts, methods and skills while meeting interesting new people. I’ll gladly take part in another congress like this one if I get the opportunity again.

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