Ujeta narava

On Sunday evening, I’ve attended an art exhibition opening. I knew my classmate and friend Petra Muhič had some artistic aspirations, but didn’t realize that she was taking them this seriously until I got the facebook event invite. The exhibition will be held until January 10th in Spomeniškovarstveni center, galerija SVC (this is very close to the Križanke open-air theatre on French revolution square, Ljubljana).

Kaj tišina skriva?

I’m not an art critic so I won’t get too much into the details about specific paintings. She works in two techniques – oil on canvas and mixed technique on paper. I especially liked the mixed techniques – Petra combines pencil and painting techniques to produce very interesting, abstract pieces, which can be understood in different ways, depending on your mood. She told me that some of them took a few months to finish.

Pred soncem zažari

Exhibiting with Petra is also Dani Novak, who works with the airbrush. He has some incredibly detailed pictures of animals on display. He also paints on cars/snowboards/etc. If that’s your thing, you should definitely check him out. Below is of one of his works as an example:


The opening event itself was pretty fun, with the Chuhapuhas playing some smooth jazz/lounge tunes and drinks/snacks available. I was pretty tired from the weekend, though, and didn’t stay around for too long.

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