GBR Workshop / ZPR Delavnica

Attached is an invitation for a Plan B workshop on Green Budget Reform Slovenia – with special focus on environmentally harmful subsidies and social aspects.

Budget issues are – to put it mildly – not sexy. Still they affect the work of all organizations across the Plan B network. If we want to show that sustainable development is possible – be it in transport, agriculture, energy, forestry etc. – we have to use all budget instruments and budget resources available that help to trigger the sustainable transition.

During the workshop we will:
– present new data on the “greenness” of the Slovenian budget,
– will discuss the data and information needs of Plan B members,
– will discuss implications of green budget reforms for Slovenia, and
– conclude which role green budget issues can play under Plan B

(Jonas S.)

Vabljeni k aktivnem sodelovanju na delavnici, še posebej je dobrodošla udeležba predstavnikov organizacij, ki (so) se s tematiko ukvarjajo/le. Hvala za odziv!

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