Norway – Day 1

In the morning I got up, checked if I had all of my stuff and set off. My parents dropped me of at the meeting point and I continued my journey with an arranged ride (via a car pooling website). We made great time on our trip to Rijeka airport (located on the island of Krk, Croatia). The driver was very nice and the kilometers went by quickly. The plane ride was very nice as well. There were no complications at security checks and the weather was great. I was sitting next to an Italian girl and we had a long discussion – the flight went by really fast. Our row also wasn’t full, so we could stretch our legs a bit.

The landing was OK. When I stepped out of the plane, I was greeted by the Norwegian spring. The sun was in my eyes and there was heavy wind. It felt really good. The shuttle bus driver at the airport was Serbian so I had no trouble communicating my way to my next stop, Korsegarden. My friend Daniel met me there and we walked to As, where we took a tour of the campus. The buildings are historic and it made quite an impression on me. We also took a stroll around many parks on and around the campus.

After meeting one of their professors that I know, Anne – Katrine, Jenny picked us up with her car and made a trip to a scenic village called Drobak. We took a relaxing stroll there and my friends treated me to supper in a rustical-looking restaurant. I had dish called Angry shrimp, a local speciality. It was really really good. After the little trip to the seaside we had coffee at Jenny’s place and a beer at Daniel’s. I really liked both of their apartments. They have a minimalistic style which works very well for me.

After staying a bit too long at Daniel’s I had to run to catch the train from As to Oslo. Luckily I made it (thanks to a nice asian lady who helped me buy the ticket cause I didn’t have any change) and met Tom Kristian, who has kindly volunteered to be my host for the next two days. We had a light dinner and talked for a while before bedtime.

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