Norway – day 2

In the morning I got up quite early and accompanied Tom Kristian to the city center  where he works at a landscape architecture bureau. After we split up, I first went to check out the royal palace. The sun was really bright and it was very nice to walk around the surrounding park. After that I took a stroll through the city. I walked down the main avenue and took some photos. On my way south I visited the city castle, which offers a great view of the coastline and islands inside the fjord.

The main activity for today was the ferry trip to an island called Hovedoya. It’s the biggest island near the city and you can easily spend a few nice hours on it. The sun was shining and there were not many people on it. It has lots of trees (mostly Acer, Fraxinus, Pinus) and beaches. Local go to these islands to swim in the summer, when the sea is warm enough. There are also some very old monastery ruins for historians and adventurers. I walked all around the island. If you like nature, I highly recommend visiting the remoter area of the island.

After taking the ferry back, I walked around Oslo and sat on a bench for a while. I had to wait for Tom to get off work, so I explored the city a little bit. The city hall is really a special sight, with beautiful wall paintings and carpets on the inside. I also climbed the opera building’s roof. The opera is colossal and probably the most visited tourist attraction in town (someone said it gets 18.000 visitors per day). The main street was full of people going about their day. The street musicians there are really good and add to the life of the Rosenkrantz. I’ve also visited the national gallery. I was most impressed by Munch’s paintings, especially the ones that feel happier.

After Tom got off work, we took bikes and rode through the east side of Oslo. We saw some landmarks and I got a good feeling for the size and layout of the city. After we came home, we had something to eat. Daniel came soon after and we had some beers before going out. We went to a club, and I was really lucky to get in, because I forgot my ID. The party was very nice and later two of Tom’s friends, Anja and Trina came to the club. The DJ was playing very cool music (like Disclosure) and we danced for a while. We came home early in the morning, had a bite to eat and fell asleep immediately.

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