Vienna to Düsseldorf

Because I didn’t want to spend too much on the plane ticket, I had to wait 5 hours in Vienna and 8 hours in Dusseldorf for the connecting flights. At first I hated the idea, but it all panned our quite all right. In Vienna it was still early in the morning, so I just read and slept most of the time. I wasn’t really sure about how to spend my down-time in Dusseldorf, but then a flight attendant advised me to go into the city, because it’s really close and there isn’t that much to do at the airport. So I obliged.

The train ride went very smoothly. The attendants were again very nice and I had no problem getting all the information I needed for my mind to feel at peace. I’ve also met a nice girl from Azerbaijan on the ride to the main city station. She claimed that she speaks German, but her accent was so heavy I could barely make out a thing (my horrible German skills are of course an important factor here). However, due to mutual sympathy, we managed to keep conversation going for three stations, and then she had to leave for home.

I got off the train and followed the signs for the old city. At first I was not impressed by Dusseldorf. It’s a very industrial town, which is expressed in the architecture, people and the general feeling of the city. The streets appeared deserted. As I got closer to the Old town, the pulse started picking up and Dusseldorf started to seem nicer.

The Old town is truly very old. You can often see monuments with dates from 1300s and 1200s. There are plenty of trees and the all the greenery has a very calming effect on a visitor. The city can be proud of its vibrant mixture of shops, monasteries, museums, pubs and restaurants. I have never had a Bratwurst before, so I had to try it; it was very tasty.

As I type this I’m sitting in a pub full of old Germans, who proudly wear their beards and black hats. Everyone is pretty wasted and it’s only three in the afternoon. Old “Schlager” music is playing on the stereo and the atmosphere is very lively. After I finish my beer, I’m going back to the grey surroundings of the train station and the airport.

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