Iceland Weekly Report 3 – Photo Edition

Time is flying by fast and the end of the third working week has passed. This week I was mostly mastering the art of brush cutting on different sites in Thjorsardalur. On Monday we’ve finished clearing the brushes around a section of  the local forest road system. It ended at the top of a hill and the view from there was really nice. For the next three days we were preforming forest care (freeing up small trees and creating appropriate spacing with the brush cutter) in a Christmas tree stand near the bottom of the valley. On Thursday afternoon we’ve started work on a large area where they plant trees which are to be sold later, when they grow a bit. We got some more manpower there and bulk of work is now mostly done.

The weather is still bad. We’ve had rain every day this week and the locals are saying this is one of the worst summers they have experienced weather-wise. However, there was a sunny evening on Wednesday, and we used it well. We threw a little party around the bonfire and some visitors joined us. The Irish guys are leaving for home in the beginning of next week, and a lot of people they got to know here came to visit and say goodbye to them throughout the whole week. The atmosphere around the cottage was quite lively.

There have been a lot of requests for more photos of the landscape and working areas. I carried my mobile with me more this week, so here they are:

2 thoughts on “Iceland Weekly Report 3 – Photo Edition

    • Ja, to so take vsakdanje stvari. Turistične znamenitosti so pa res neki posebnega. Zdej, k sm se mal vnesu bom začel mal okol hodt pa gledat mal manj znane znamenitosti -> bojo še kašne bolj zanimive slike :)

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