Forest Cottage and Work Day

In Þjórsárdalur we live in a forest cottage. It’s a very nice place to stay with beautiful surroundings. We had some fair weather a few days ago, so I took some pictures. I’m sorry that they are not up to standard and the lighting isn’t perfect (but it’s a good example of how strong Icelandic sun can get on a good day). Still, I think they are good enough so that you can gather a general idea about how we live here.

Our work day here begins with waking up at 7:00 or a little bit later. We eat breakfast, have coffee etc. and start working at 8:00. It’s really nice to have a hot meal at 12:00 and a bit of rest afterwards (until 13:00). The second chunk of our work day is from 13:00 to 17:00. From 17:00 on we are free until the start of the next day. Most workers stay at the cottage during the week so it’s usually lively and fun in the evenings (we bathe in the hot tub, have  barbecues, play board and card games etc.). Other guys are really nice and I feel that the atmosphere here is great.

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