How to plant a tree?

Planting a tree is a simple job. All you need is your hands, a tree and some kind of a simple tool to dig a hole with. However, foresters have designed specialized devices to streamline planting, making it faster and easier to plant trees in large volumes.

For professional tree planting you’ll need:
  • plants;
  • planting belt;
  • planter (planting stick);
  • waterproof gloves (preferably also other parts of your outfit).
The procedure is described in the photo gallery below.
Things to be keep in mind while planting:
  • make sure the plant doesn’t get damaged in the process;
  • clear a wider area around the plant so that the plant gets enough sun;
  • make sure that there is contact (i.e. not an open space)  between the plant’s roots and surrounding soil.

5 thoughts on “How to plant a tree?

  1. G. Boris, lahko pri nas posadim drevo kjerkoli hočem? Tipa na vrtu? Čeprav ni v moji lasti? To me zanimalo če lah ruknem drevo na vrt za blok, bmk.

    • Oj! To je bolj vprašanje za pravnike, načeloma po tuji posesti ne smeš “postavljati objektov”. Ampak če je za blokom, mislim, da ne bo panike :) Lp, B.

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