Online Forestry Courses

With the recent boom in online education, even fields of expertise that traditionally have less online presence are coming along. Below three online forestry courses are presented.

  1. CLASlite Forest Monitoring technology. This course provides training in CLASlite software, a free tool (for non-profit purposes) for forest cover analysis. Acquired skills should be interesting and useful in analyzing forest cover and other parameter that can be discerned from satellite images. Comes with a GIS program.
  2. FOPER (Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research) course module. A learning course providing expert insights on forestry resources, economics and policy. Also avaible for download.
  3. Forestry webinars. This American website offers webinars (sometimes not free) on select dates. Sometimes really good courses are available, so make sure you follow this site if you are willing to learn.


If you know of any other good courses, please share them with others via the comment section. Sharing is caring! :)

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