Kranjska gora – Day 1

It’s a national holiday in Slovenia and some friends and I decided to go hiking. We took some days off, rented apartments  and set off to Kranjska Gora. The goal of our trip is to hike in three countries (Slovenia, Italy and Austria – both borders are really close) and have a fun and relaxing time.

On the first day we went to Italy, the area around Trevisio and climbed Monte Lussari (Višarje). The weather was mostly fine and it played right into our hands – it was sunny when we were on top of the mountain and foggy/cloudy before and after. A scenic village lies on the top of the mountain, which has many nice places where you can relax and have a drink or something to eat.

2014-06-26 09.54.54 2014-06-26 09.59.05 2014-06-26 10.03.10 2014-06-26 10.18.10 2014-06-26 10.35.12 2014-06-26 10.41.02 2014-06-26 10.57.39 2014-06-26 12.07.43

We saved our lunch for when we were back in the valley. Luck smiled upon us and we found a cosy local restaurant with pretty awesome food. We all ordered a local variation of pasta with ragu and were very satisfied. We also had local vine and great espresso along and after the meal.

2014-06-26 14.20.03

In the afternoon we visited Lago di Fusine (Belopeška jezera). Not a lot of people were there, so the lakes were very peaceful and easy to enjoy. We took it a bit slower there and spotted lots of different plant and insect species, which we hadn’t noticed before. The hike around the lakes is easy going, offers plenty of great sights and just long enough.

2014-06-26 15.15.59 2014-06-26 15.10.33 2014-06-26 15.18.48 2014-06-26 15.37.30 2014-06-26 15.42.21 2014-06-26 16.18.46 2014-06-26 15.48.52 2014-06-26 16.04.04 2014-06-26 16.41.02 2014-06-26 16.45.58 2014-06-26 17.00.38

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