Forest clippings #3 – Forestry updates from the EC, The Sopron Story, New WFC Executive Director and more

The third edition of forest clippings includes a relevant EU forest policy speech, an interesting lesson in forestry history, a new functionary in place, scientific studies on plant communities and beech forest biodiversity and news from Slovenia.

European Commissioner Phil Hogan’s speech on European Forest Strategy, EU Forest Bioeconomy and CAP support for forestry at the EFI 2018 Scientific Seminar

In this important speech, European Commissioner Phil Hogan highlighted some of the EC’s priorities regarding forestry. As expected, the priorities lie in bringing together different forestry models in European countries, forest-based bioeconomy (basically new ways of processing and distributing forest products) and in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which will probably be used to support the shift towards bioeconomy.

The Sopron Story: Looking back 60 years later: How 200 Hungarian forestry students found their way to UBC

The Hungarian forestry university in Sopron is one of the historically more important in Europe. This story by the University of British Columbia presents an interesting piece of forestry history that played a big part in how Canadian forestry landscape looks today.

World Forestry Center names new Executive Director

Joseph Furia joins the venerable nonprofit on the eve of its annual conference that draws major players from the global forest management and investment industry to Portland.”

Exploring patterns, drivers and structure of plant community composition in alien Robinia pseudoacacia secondary woodlands

From the abstract: “Our study showed that secondary Robinia forests growing on abandoned lands may host compositionally heterogeneous plant communities, thus contributing to regional biodiversity.”

Early responses of biodiversity indicators to various thinning treatments in mountain beech forests

This rather classical forestry study explores the effects of several forest management treatments on biodiversity indicators. Hint: in some cases less is more.

This week’s news from Slovenia:

Zavod za gozdove Slovenije gostil 27 partnerjev ob podpisu kodeksa Obisk v naravi

“V četrtek, 27. 9. 2018 je v veliki dvorani Gozdarskega inštituta Slovenije in centralne enote Zavoda za gozdove Slovenije potekala konferenca, na kateri je 27 nevladnih in vladnih organizacij, ustanov in projektov podpisalo ter predstavilo kodeks Obisk v naravi.”

Bilten e Natura št. 2017

Novice s področja ohranjanja narave in varstva okolja.

360° posnetki invazivnih tujerodnih rastlin v kmetijstvu

Zanimiva predstavitev problematičnih tujerodnih rastlin.

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