Tax Discipline in Slovenia – Interactive Map

Tax discipline is a big problem in Slovenia. Most people do anything they can to avoid paying taxes, while still expecting public services (like healthcare) to remain high quality and free. It seems that the justice system is powerless over this issue. Davčna uprava made a bold move and released a public list of subjects … Continue reading Tax Discipline in Slovenia – Interactive Map

XML Sheme

Tokrat pa o eni popolnoma nepovezani temi. Za ohranitev statusa na višji šoli sem moral izdelati nalogo o XML shemah. S prijateljem, ki se z njimi poklicno ukvarja, sva naredila naslednjo seminarsko nalogo. Upam, da pride komu prav :) XML sheme se uporabljajo pri izmenjavi podatkov med različnimi podatkovnimi bazami. So najpogosteje uporabljani način za … Continue reading XML Sheme


I've been very busy (and a little lazy :) ) lately so there were no new posts on this blog for a while. There has been a lot of snowfall recently and I had some free time this weekend, so I went hiking around these parts a bit. Here are some photos to start things … Continue reading Snow