How to plant a tree?

Planting a tree is a simple job. All you need is your hands, a tree and some kind of a simple tool to dig a hole with. However, foresters have designed specialized devices to streamline planting, making it faster and easier to plant trees in large volumes. For professional tree planting you'll need: plants; planting … Continue reading How to plant a tree?

Laugavegur trekking

After trekking around Landmannalaugar for two days, have started the Laugavegur trek. Here is some info about it from wikipedia: The Laugavegur is a famous trekking route in South-West Iceland from the hot springs area of Landmannalaugar (63°59′28″N 19°03′37″W) to the glacial valley of Þórsmörk (63°42′10″N 19°25′38″W). It is noted for the wide variety of … Continue reading Laugavegur trekking