Kranjska gora – Day 1

It's a national holiday in Slovenia and some friends and I decided to go hiking. We took some days off, rented apartments  and set off to Kranjska Gora. The goal of our trip is to hike in three countries (Slovenia, Italy and Austria - both borders are really close) and have a fun and relaxing time. On … Continue reading Kranjska gora – Day 1

Vienna to Düsseldorf

Because I didn't want to spend too much on the plane ticket, I had to wait 5 hours in Vienna and 8 hours in Dusseldorf for the connecting flights. At first I hated the idea, but it all panned our quite all right. In Vienna it was still early in the morning, so I just … Continue reading Vienna to Düsseldorf

Nerezine – seaside

This year, like every year, I'm spending my seaside vacation in a vacation house complex near Nerezine, Croatia. It's quite early in the summer, so the island Lošinj is still very green. The weather is perfect and the water temperature is just right. Here are some pictures: