Upcoming webinar: “Building a bridge between scientists and communicators”

Next Tuesday, I will be presenting at the webinar titled: “Building a bridge between scientists and communicators”. You are cordially invited to participate :) (visit the blog post below).



What is the right quote to insert here?

Is it:

Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated,
and scientists are beginning to learn their social obligations.

Anne Roe, The Making of a Scientist (1953)

Or should it be:

Do not share your inventions with many,
share them only with the few who understand and love the sciences.

Filippo Brunelleschi (15th century)

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#EFUF2016 Communications Team: A Story by Boris

I summed up my experience within the #EFUF2016 Social Media Team on the official EFUF2016 blog. Read more:

The #EFUF2016 blog

It was the final session of the 19th European Forum on Urban Forestry in the Palatium hall of Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia. The participants were applauding while I was presenting the winners of the #EFUF2016 blog competition. Speaking on the big stage, my stomach felt a bit jittery – the sleep deprived nights that led up to the event finale and heavy coffee consumption were starting to leave an impact.

A few moments earlier I presented the current on-line and social media statistics of the EFUF 2016 social media coverage. During the 5 days of the Forum, over 1000 tweets were sent and delivered over 140.000 times to almost 25.000 different Twitter accounts. Over 5000 people were reached on Facebook and 600 people were informed daily through our mailing list. The live webcast of the opening and plenary session had over 700 live views. More importantly, our contributions…

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If a tree falls in the forest and no one has seen or heard it fall, did it really fall?

A post of mine on #forests2015 blog.

The #Forests2015 Blog

Dr. Urša Vilhar conducting forest experiments Dr. Urša Vilhar conducting forest experiments

In the 21st century, communication skills for natural scientists, experts and professionals, are essential.

It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the sunlit beech-spruce forest behind the Slovenian Forestry Institute is full of children who are watching dr. Urša Vilhar. She is demonstrating how the water flow over the trunk of the tree is measured and makes a reading from the instrument used for this research.

The wide-eyed children ask bright, yet sometimes unrelated questions, which Urša happily answers. Later, they are going to visit one of the institute’s laboratories and conduct some experiments of their own. At home, they are going to tell their parents about what they have learned and maybe, just maybe, some of them will treasure this experience and walk a path in their life that is connected to forests and nature.

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