I like this project work because it’s dynamic, influence and responsibility for the results and flexible schedule. I got introduced to project work as a volunteer with Umanotera, the Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development. Recently I’ve also started my own project, a mobile application. Currently I’m working on following projects:

  • Plan B: Green Budget Reform for Slovenia (Umanotera). Role: project assistant (research, publishing). With Jonas Sonneschein and Nina Tome. More: Plan B for Slovenia websiteposts about Green Budget Reform on this blog
  • Forest Educational Path in Regional Park Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski Hrib (Umanotera). Role: project manager (coordination, research, forest educational path planning). With: Nina Tome, volunteers, mentors. More: project blog (in Slovenian) | project description: Umanotera ; MOL
  • Forestry/outdoors mobile application. Role: project manager (idea, deadlines, promotion, funding). With Miha Krištofič and Miha Jurančič (TPgozd s.p.).

There are other projects I’m taking part in, but they are still in too early stages of development to publish any details.

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