Forest clippings #2 – Climate-smart forestry strategy, Kočevski pragozd, Kudzu v Sloveniji, Skrivnostni svet ptic

Strategies for Climate-Smart Forest Management in Austria, Influential Actors’ Perceptions of Facilitators and Instruments for Solving Future Forest Land-Use Disputes in Europe, Dokumentarec Kočevski pragozd, Ustvarjalni natečaj »Skrivnostni svet ptic«

Forest science is alive and well: 10 points from IUFRO 2017

From 17. to 22. September 2017 I took part in the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress in Freiburg, Germany. IUFRO stands for International Union of Forest Research Organization and is the oldest scientific union in the world. This congress presents the state of the art in forest research, development and practice. I have tried to sum up what I learned at the congress in 10 points.