Forest Cottage and Work Day

In Þjórsárdalur we live in a forest cottage. It's a very nice place to stay with beautiful surroundings. We had some fair weather a few days ago, so I took some pictures. I'm sorry that they are not up to standard and the lighting isn't perfect (but it's a good example of how strong Icelandic sun … Continue reading Forest Cottage and Work Day

Iceland weekly report – 2

I've spent the weekend in Reykjavik, mostly checking out the city and partying. It was a very good weekend but it also felt good to get back to Þjórsárdalur (Þjórsá is Iceland's biggest river, and dalur means valley), where the forest cottage is located. The nearest towns are Arnes (very small, actually called a hamlet) and Selfoss (around … Continue reading Iceland weekly report – 2