Banja Luka – IAESTE EX-YU seminar

Last week we participated in a student conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina with some IAESTE friends. It took place in the city of Banja Luka, which lies in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's situated by the Vrbas river. An amazing fact about the river is that it's clean enough to swim in during the … Continue reading Banja Luka – IAESTE EX-YU seminar

IAESTE CEC Maribor 2012 Part 2

This is the second post about CEC Maribor. You can find the first post here. Jure, the head organizer, gave us a special task for Friday night.He  asked us to prepare club KMŠ for a color-themed party. We made our way there at around nine o' clock and started the preparations. We hung UV lights … Continue reading IAESTE CEC Maribor 2012 Part 2