Around Þjórsárdalur – part 1

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that during my stay in Iceland I'm stationed in a valley called Þjórsárdalur. When there is spare time and good weather I explore the valley and its surroundings. Here are some pictures of Þjórsárdalur, surrounding hills, a close-by forest educational path, Hjálparfoss and an abandoned spa, … Continue reading Around Þjórsárdalur – part 1

Iceland day 4

The Viking dinner last night was surprisingly good. We started with an appetizer - shark, prepared the gypsy way (buried in the ground for half a year). It tasted horrible, but I managed to get it down like a real Viking would. Local schnapps (which wasn't bad at all) helped me get rid of the … Continue reading Iceland day 4