Forest clippings #2 – Climate-smart forestry strategy, Kočevski pragozd, Kudzu v Sloveniji, Skrivnostni svet ptic

Strategies for Climate-Smart Forest Management in Austria, Influential Actors’ Perceptions of Facilitators and Instruments for Solving Future Forest Land-Use Disputes in Europe, Dokumentarec Kočevski pragozd, Ustvarjalni natečaj »Skrivnostni svet ptic«

Online Forestry Courses

With the recent boom in online education, even fields of expertise that traditionally have less online presence are coming along. Below three online forestry courses are presented. CLASlite Forest Monitoring technology. This course provides training in CLASlite software, a free tool (for non-profit purposes) for forest cover analysis. Acquired skills should be interesting and useful … Continue reading Online Forestry Courses