Excursion: wood industry in Austria

On Thursday, 6.6.2013 I took part in an educational excursion to Austria. The excursion was part of a project called "Slovenija znižuje CO2 - dobre prakse", which is financed by Urad vlade RS za komuniciranje (UKOM) and the European commision. We have visited three different wood processing factories: Stora Enso Wood Products Bad St. Leonhard … Continue reading Excursion: wood industry in Austria

First publication in Gozdarski Vestnik

I haven't blogged in a while, mostly because I've been working on other projects and didn't have time. But now the fruits of my labors are appearing along with some more free time, and I'll write a little about them. The first of these "fruits" is the publication of a professional article I have written … Continue reading First publication in Gozdarski Vestnik